Maxwell GeoSystems’ MissionOS offers its Clients a custom web GIS user interface.

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Custom Web GIS Interface in Plan

Maxwell’s own mapping solution gives users a solution focused on infrastructure management

Custom GIS in Section

Flexibility to Design any Interface According to Clients Needs not Middleware Capability

The MissionOS custom GIS interface enables plotting within a number of coordinate systems including:

  • Plan – Easting, Northing
  • Section – Chainage and Reduced Level
  • Schematic long section – dX in m along the control line relative to the cutterhead chainage, dY in m above and below the control line
  • Schematic – cross section – dX left and right of the control line (looking down tunnel in direction of mining)

Simple yet Powerful Tools

Designed by our clients to suit their needs. Get the benefits of years of customer feedback and involvement

Change Map

Use Mapping to Highlight Key Areas of Concern and Assess Change and Spatial Correlation

The MissionOS allows users to investigate changes over time using the “change map” feature which applies to all time domain instrumentation even TBM.

  • Using the fadeout option users can determine whether old data should be visible or whether it should fade away over time. After time N it will no longer be included in any plots.
  • SectionUsing the change maps option the user can display instrument either issuing alarms over a period or change as % of alarm over a period. Construction can also be displayed in the same way so that cause and effect can be displayed.
  • The status of instruments on any day can be re-displayed and compared with the current situation
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