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MGS India - Onam 2019
  • Subject: MGS Onam Celebrations - Kochi, India

    Location: Kochi - India

    Maxwell GeoSystems recently celebrated Onam 2019, the annual harvest festival held in the state of Kerala, India... readmore

Orica Technology Seminar 2019 - Hong Kong
  • Subject: Orica Technology Seminar 2019 - Hong Kong

    Location: Hong Kong

    We recently attended the Orica Technology Seminar 2019 in Hong Kong. The event was held over two days with a broad mix of participants... readmore

  • Subject: MissionOS Fully Automatic Report Handling

    Location: Hong Kong

    Maxwell GeoSystems’ MissionOS is operating fully automatic report handling in real-time on a major infrastructure project in Hong Kong. readmore

  • Subject: Sewage Superhighway

    Location: Singapore

    Tunnelling work has just begun on a massive underground sewage superhighway in Western Singapore. readmore

  • Subject: Thames Tideway Tunnel

    Location: London, United Kingdom

    The 25km Thames Tideway Tunnel is currently under construction to help prevent tens of millions of tonnes of sewage polluting the River Thames every year… readmore

  • Subject: Sydney Metro Project

    Location: Sydney, Australia

    Maxwell GeoSystems Pty Ltd. working with GLS Monitoring, the JV between Geomotion Australia and Land Surveys, have been awarded the Monitoring Information Management System (MIMS) for... readmore

  • Subject: Tekong Reclamation Project

    Location: Singapore

    Maxwell GeoSystems have signed a deal with GeoAuto of Taiwan to provide its MissionOS system to manage instrumentation data on the new Tekong Reclamation project in Singapore...

  • Subject: Ground Engineering – Instrumentation & Monitoring 2019

    Location: London - United Kingdom

    We’re looking forward to attending the ninth Ground Engineering - Instrumentation & Monitoring conference. readmore

  • Subject: Melbourne’s Metro Tunnel Project

    Location: Melbourne - Australia

    Maxwell GeoSystems’ MissionOS achieved a significant milestone recently with the start of construction on Melbourne’s Metro Tunnel project. readmore

  • Subject: Community Outreach

    Location: Kochi - India

    Maxwell Geosystems believe that corporations have a social responsibility beyond just earning profits.Last year members our MGS team in india took the initiative in creating awareness within the organisation... readmore

  • Subject: Commissions STEMS system on DTSS2 in Singapore

    Location: Singapore

    Maxwell GeoSystems has successfully commissioned the Shift and Tunnel Excavation Monitoring System(STEMS) for the DTSS2 project in Singapore. The project will construct about 60km of link... readmore

  • Subject: Supply I&M Coordinator Service on HS2, UK

    Location: London - United Kingdom

    Maxwell GeoSystems have been chosen to provide instrumentation consultancy services to Skanska, Costain, STRABAG (SCS) on Contract S1 and S2 of the UK HS2 as part of the Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) phase of the design works... readmore

  • Subject: On Mission in Malaysia

    Location: Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

    The first TBM T07 has launched successfully and is being monitored on the MissionOS system in Kuala Lumpur. A further 15 machine drives are set to follow over the next year… readmore